Dominican photographers

Many thanks to Godzdogz for news of an exhibition:
Until the 12th of September, Sir John Soane's Museum in London will be hosting an exhibition entitled: Images from the Past: Rome in the Photography of Peter Paul Mackey, 1890-1901. Fr. Peter Paul Mackey O.P. was a son of the Province of England who was sent to Rome in 1881 to work on the Leonine edition of the works of St. Thomas Aquinas. He stayed in Rome until his death in 1935. During his time in Rome he took many fine photographs which he donated to the British School in Rome. The collection provides an intriguing and fascinating glimpse of the Eternal city during this period.
I hope to find time to go to this exhibition it sounds worthwhile in its own right, and I am always happy to find a good excuse to visit this lesser known but charming museum.

Mark adds in the post:
On the subject of camera-loving friars, it seems that our very own fr. Lawrence has been caught by the paparazzi....
Oops! I think that was me.

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