Sorry for the lack of posting; it has been a busy couple of days. I came over to the beautiful Woldingham School yesterday with some youngsters for the start of the Faith Summer Session. I had to return to Blackfen for a very sad funeral this morning. Please pray for the repose of the soul of Leigh Bills, for her husband Gerry, and for her children Danny and Aimee. The parishioners as usual did their very best and provided not only a respectful celebration of the Requiem Mass but also a warm and friendly reception afterwards at which family and friends could get together.

While at Blackfen I was on the blower to the Catholic Herald to try and say something sensible in support of Archbishop Nichols' comments (on FB and pubs) that have been picked up by the world's press. But the big story for the coming week is that Bishop O'Donoghue is speaking tomorrow at the Faith Summer Session here at Woldingham. As well as candid photos taken randomly by other bloggers, I want to get a good one in the sunshine with His Lordship and some young people at this great event.

I'll also want to quote the text of his talk so I'll be around to wolf up the pages as soon as they are out of embargo.

I must say also that my comments last year about Woldingham being a "communications black hole" have been comprehensively refuted. The good people here have provided me with a network lead and and a super fast internet connection in my bedroom. Thanks guys!

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