New film - "St Cuthman of Steyning"

Another new film recently released is St Cuthman of Steyning, by Mary's Dowry Productions.

The story of St Cuthman's life is told simply with some glorious photography of the Sussex countryside where he lived. The humble Saxon Shepherd was noted for his trust in God's providence and for building the Church at Steyning; Ethelwulf, the father of King Alfred the Great was buried there. St Cuthman is usually shown with a one-wheeled cart in which his disabled mother sat while he pushed her on their travels through the countryside.

King Edward the Confessor gave the Church to the Benedictine Abbey of Fécamp; the monks transferred the saint's remains to their Abbey and devotion to him began to spread on the continent.

The film can be ordered from the Mary's Dowry Productions website, priced £2.99

Fr Nicholas Schofield wrote about The Story of St Cuthman on his blog some time ago.

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