Careful! This blog is too religious

Kate, Catholic wife and mother of eight, writes a good blog called At Home in my Father's House. She has a disabled son who has been given a computer under a government scheme; it has various adaptations for particular needs.

Interestingly, Mum tried to access some of the blogs she reads regularly. I was pleased to find myself on the list and proud to be included in such exalted company:
Catholic and loving it
Curt Jester
Hermeneutic of continuity
What does the prayer really say
Inside Catholic
The problem is: all our blogs were blocked by the filtering software as being too religious. I'm collecting these awards. I was once Chairman of Governors of a school that was deemed "too Catholic"; now I have a Catholic blog that is "too religious." I only pray that the Good Lord will let these accolades count against some of my many sins on the day of judgement.

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