Chants of the Ordinary - CD

Nick Gale, the Director of Music for St George's Cathedral, Southwark, has published the first in a set of three CDs which are offered to assist musical directors, cantors, choirs and congregations learn a chant repertoire for use in the liturgy. The singers are from the choir of St George's Cathedral in Southwark and the recordings were made in the Lady Chapel of the Cathedral.

The first CD "Cantus Angeli Chants of the Ordinary" has the Asperges and the Vidi Aquam, Masses I, VIII, IX, XI, XV, XVII and XVIII, the Ambrosian Gloria, Cred I, III and VI and various Alleluias. Thus, it provides for a good repertoire for a parish choir which wishes to offer appropriate Mass settings for the different seasons of the year.

The CD has received high praise from no less than Jeffrey Tucker of NLM. He said:
These recordings are outstanding. I highly recommend them. The diction is perfect. The speed is zippy and natural. The clarity is unsurpassed, consistent with the great English choral tradition but applied to Gregorian music. I can't imagine that better tutorial CDs have ever come available.
Having listened to the CD, I can echo his appreciation of the quality of the chant: it is superb.

You can find out more about this initiative at the Gregorian Chant website which also has information about the chant workshops which Nick Gale runs.

The CD "Cantus Angeli Chants of the Ordinary" costs £10 + P&P £2 in the UK: P&P £3 outside the UK and can be ordered online.

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