Pope Benedict reaffirms Hermeneutic of Continuity

The Pontifical Lateran University has been holding an international theological conference promoted by the Congregation for the Clergy on the them of "Faithfulness of Christ, faithfulness of the Priest." Today, the Holy Father gave an address to the conference in which he said:
Just as the hermeneutic of continuity is revealing itself to be ever more important for an adequate understanding of the texts of Vatican Council II, in the same way we see the need for a hermeneutic we could describe as 'of priestly continuity', one which, starting from Jesus of Nazareth, Lord and Christ, and over the two thousand years of history, greatness, sanctity, culture and piety which the Priesthood has given the world, comes down to our own day.
Sometimes people say that the phrase "hermeneutic of continuity" is not to be attributed to the Holy Father. That position has just become a little more difficult to sustain.

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