Early Tenebrae without the sad bits

Thanks to @Londiniensis on Twitter for the link to this post from Archdruid Eileen of the Beaker Folk of Husborne Crawley describing Authentic Earth Hour Worship. I give you a taster:
We agreed that, given Taizé chant is fairly simple and the band wasn't needed, we'd risk it and go for a complete hour's worship in the dark. A kind of early Tenebrae, but without the sad bits.

So with fifty Beaker Folk sat quietly on their bean bags, enjoying the authentic Celtic flavour of a song from France sang in Latin, it was all going remarkable well. Even the Tibetan Prayer Bells were being bashed in time.

And then we found out about the Liturgical Dance.

Again, I'm not finding fault with the authenticity here. I'm sure that in 6th century Staffa, Mull or Islay, Celtic French Latin worship with Tibetan Prayer Bells was always accompanied by four of the less slender worshippers equipped with ribbons and a beach ball and performing a liturgical polka. You can see how that would have appealed to St Columbanus or St Rab or whoever. But in the dark, in a tightly-packed Moot House, it caused utter chaos.

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