Three additions to the blogroll

1. Love the Tradition - Loathe the Traddies
(can we call it "Tradwatch" for short?) is written by "The Raven" who is a Catholic priest. The strapline is:
A blog where we are fairly sure that good taste is not always nearest to godliness and that the cut of your maniple has little bearing on your orthodoxy.
A good post "Throwing Blame" looks at Gerald Warner's recent article It's the Pope's turn to retaliate in Catholic civil war.

I agree with The Raven that the problem of child abuse does not relate only to the last 40 years but goes longer and deeper into our history. The best book I have read on this is After Asceticism which I reviewed for Faith Magazine a couple of years ago.

2. Laodicea
"a filthy puddle of popery" is a Scottish Catholic blog. Yesterday's post was an important one: Peter Tatchell and Child Abuse, giving the link to Peter Tatchell's call for lowering the age of consent to 14. Berenike comments:
Presumably he was out at Westminster Cathedral yesterday protesting that The Church wasn’t defending the right of adult men to have sexual relationships with teenage boys.
3. Dolphinarium
"Cynic: a person who smells flowers and looks for the coffin" is written by Red Maria. She has been working hard on various issues recently, including Crimen Sollicitationis, and digging up the murky history of the Paedophile Information Exchange and various people associated with it. The most effective campaigns against The PIE was led by Mary Whitehouse and Family and Youth Concern (formerly called "The Responsible Society"); their action led to the Protection of Children Act 1978. The PIE only finally closed down in 1984.

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