A discerning cat

It seems that the blessing received by Monsignora Mastai Furretti has taken. I write "Monsignora" since she seems, as far as I can tell, to be a traddy womyn-prelate. Since she doesn't have a spiritual and immortal soul and therefore cannot have a sacramental character, perhaps there is some way of justifying this theologically, though I shall resist the temptation to include it as a scholion in my (sometime) forthcoming book on Sacramental Theology.

The Mulier Fortis who is carer to the feline Prelatess has posted photographs showing that the Monsignora who claims family links with the Blessed Pius IX was presented with the article of Mgr Basil Loftus in which he said that Christ "was not physically present when he appeared to the disciples after the resurrection" and a copy of The Remnant. The result are incontrovertible. Here is but one of the photos:

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