Family Day at Blackfen

On Saturday, 13 November, there will be a Family Day at the Church of Our Lady of the Rosary, Blackfen. The theme will be "Angels, Saints and Nations sing 'Praised be Jesus Christ Our King'."

We begin at 12noon with prayers during and after Benediction. (There is also Mass (Latin EF) at 10.30am followed by adoration and confessions until noon.)

There will then be a 'Shared Table' lunch: bring some food to share if you can. Tea, coffee and squash will be provided. There will be Activities for parents, teenagers and children including catechetical talks as well as fun and games. The Day will finish at 4pm but families are welcome to stay on for 6pm Mass if they wish. Families all welcome.

The Family Day is completely child-friendly. If babies or toddlers cry, are sick, feed at the breast, hide under the table or throw their toys out of the pram, nobody will glare or tut. Well, if they do, nobody else will take a blind bit of notice anyway ;-)

Here are directions for Getting to Blackfen. We have flexible parking for those family bus-type cars.

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