Congratulations to Maryvale

Congratulations to the Maryvale Institute which is now a Higher Institute of Religious Science. There is a full report at Independent Catholic News. The Institute is linked to the Faculté de Notre Dame at l’Ecole Cathédrale in Paris.

This new status means that students of Maryvale can gain the ecclesiastical degrees of Baccalaureate and Licence. Archbishop Longley said:
"The Maryvale Institute has demonstrated both the quality of the courses now recognized by the Holy See through the École Cathêdrąle, and its faithfulness to conciliar and papal teaching. This recognition strengthens the confidence already felt by many in what Maryvale offers widely within and beyond the Catholic Church."
I have many friends who have studied at Maryvale over the years and I know that many readers have benefited from the excellent courses offered there. They have been working for some time to achieve this status in order that their students can gain pontifical degrees. It is great to hear that this hard work has borne fruit.

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