The New Vatican Website Redesign. Oh dear!

I had a window broken recently: I don't know who did it and charitably presume it was some kids playing and there was some sort of accident. These things happen. I'm glad they don't happen too often in my place since I have four buildings to look after.

The glaziers came round this afternoon, popped out the beading, replaced the double-glazed unit, and secured the beading again with what I think was a polythene hammer. It was fascinating to see two skilled workmen polishing off the job with ease in about five minutes. There is a mutual respect, I find, between myself and skilled workers. I don't tell them how to fix windows, roofs, plumbing, wiring, tarmac, or soakaways. Likewise, they don't tell me how to say Mass, baptise babies or conduct weddings.

Which brings me to the Vatican website. Matthew Warner is very polite in his criticism of the new design. I will therefore also try to refrain from any intemperate comments. Except "Dayum!"

If I need something doing in the parish, I ask around after Mass or go over to the parish club and find out if there is someone skilled in the particular trade or profession. The Vatican has a massively larger pool of people to call on. I know that there are hundreds of thousands of pages on the site - but computers are good at automating things, no? Even lots and lots of things all in one go. There are good Catholic people out there who would kill to give the site a proper makeover.

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