"Hostia" - new DVD on the Eucharist

Last March, I had an enjoyable trip to St Augustine's, Ramsgate to take part in the filming of a DVD about the Eucharist. The DVD has now been released by St Anthony Communications and I am very happy to have helped with it. The cliip above is the official trailer for the DVD.

The film is directed and produced by Christian Holden, and presents the Catholic doctrine of the Holy Eucharist, both the real presence of Christ and the sacrifice of the Mass, in a way that is accessible without being patronising. One key theme that comes across powerfully is the way in which Our Lord’s sacrifice fulfils the sacrifices of the Old Testament. The presentation is visually attractive thanks to the use of sacred art to illustrate the various aspects under which the Eucharist is considered.

The DVD is 42 minutes long, but as it is helpfully divided into six “scenes” on the DVD, it can be shown for groups or classes at several sessions.

The speakers on the film are Fr Marcus Holden, Fr Andrew Pinsent, John Pontifex, Fr Nicholas Schofield, Hannah Vaughan-Spruce, Fr Bruno Witchalls, and myself.

The DVD is available from St Anthony Communications for £9.95. (After recent topical discussions, it may be worth stating neither I nor any of the other contributors derive any financial benefit from the sales of the DVD.)

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