Intolerant PC mob as entertainment

The Christian Institute reports on the BBC Question time debate on the sexualisation of children. (H/T SPUC) It was extraordinary to hear Peter Hitchens jeered at by many in the audience when he said that there was a link between explicit sex education and the sexualisation of children. I was left wondering: what they do think? Sex education doesn't sexualise children? There hasn't been an increase in sexually transmitted diseases? Underage sex has really been reduced by sex education?

Peter Hitchens comments further on his own blog:
As for sex education, much of it is aimed at overcoming the inhibitions of pupils about what many of them reasonably regard as private or embarrassing matters (the use of joke words for body parts in class, etc). It is perfectly reasonable to describe this as taking away the innocence of those exposed to it. As I have said before, if any adult apart from a teacher said these things and illustrated these acts in front of our children, mobs of News of the World readers would be breaking their windows and demanding they be sent to jail forever. As it is, they’re paid to do it by the taxpayer.
Hitchens also spoke on other topics in a way that displeased the mob. I did not see the programme itself: I don't think that I could bear to watch more than five minutes of a programme like this. Hitchens articulates it well:
The howling intolerance of a vocal section of the audience (and the licence given to members of that audience to barrack me and interrupt me) shows how any defiance of current orthodoxy is now greeted not with argument but with rage.

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