European elections

My local Somerfield supermarket is open until 10pm and is usually quiet on a Saturday evening so I sometimes do some shopping after the evening Mass to avoid buying things on Sunday. The chap in front of me had four cans of butane gas for his barbecue. Saturday evenings in supermarkets tend to have more than the normal ratio of men to women. Hence it is possible for a little bloke-ish conversation at the till:
Me: "Blowin' up the 'ouses of Parliament then?"
Chap with butane gas: "'S been tried before - no harm 'avin another go."
Chap in front of him: "Bring back Guy Fawkes is what I say - all is forgiven"
I suppose that is a fair enough picture of the opinion of the average bloke about politics and politicians. It's a rather dangerous mood; I don't claim that parliamentary democracy is an objectively perfect method of government but I do fear that if there is to be a change in how our country is governed, the godless secularism of England at the present is not a promising basis on which to construct an alternative.

On Thursday we must vote in the European Elections (for the "must" see CCC 2240). The system is full-on proportional representation so we have to vote for a party rather than a person. You may want to have a look at the Christian Party / Christian Peoples Alliance ("Put your X by the Cross".) The mainfesto has a clear policy of opposition to abortion, embryo experimentation, cloning, IVF, and "marriage between one man and one woman for life as the best place for children to be raised, including by adoptive relationships."

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