Letter from Cardinal Hummes on year of Priesthood

Since Cláudio Cardinal Hummes became Prefect of the Congregation for the Clergy, I have occasionally received emails from the Congregation in the form of circular letters to priests. These are always encouraging and today's is no exception.

Cardinal Hummes has written to us concerning the Year of Priesthood. Here is the page for the letter. (You can either read it online or download it.) Here is a quotation:
The announcement of the Year of Priesthood has been very warmly received, especially amongst priests themselves. Everyone wants to commit themselves with determination, sincerity and fervour so that it may be a year amply celebrated in the whole world – in the Dioceses, parishes and in every local community – with the warm participation of our Catholic people who undoubtedly love their priests and want to see them happy, holy and joyous in their daily apostolic labours.
During the Jubilee Year, the Congregation for the Clergy collected a number of articles for its section of the Vatican Website. See: Jubilee for Priests.

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