Semiotic ambuguity in Lourdes

Today has been rather overcast in Lourdes with drizzle most of the day so I haven't tried to take a lot of photos. I said some office in the Crypt Chapel and then a private Mass while most of the group were doing the tour "In the footsteps of St Bernadette." The guides who run these walking tours are to be commended for their work which is always much appreciated by pilgrims.

In the afternoon, most of the group went to the baths before an afternoon "catechetical Mass" - Low Mass with hymns and some catechesis for the children at various points in the Mass. Plenty of silence too, of course. We followed this with a somewhat penitential Way of the Cross. The Stations at Lourdes are very striking with figures about twice lifesize. They were helpful in catechesis for the children at various points. I haven't got a photo of my own so here is one from Fr Lawrence Lew's Lourdes Flickr Set.

At various points in Lourdes, there are signs telling you not to do various things that you shouldn't do in a holy place. As you can see, most of them are fairly obvious:

However, Jonanthan suggested that one of them was at least ambiguous. Many people thought it prohibited begging (or giving to beggars?) but he suggested it was an interdiction against Communion in the hand:

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