Lessons from a golf club

A certain golf club near to me has sent a letter to members concerning the dress code for the clubhouse, for sit-down meals (jackets obligatory) and for the course. The key phrase is "smart casual". I was struck by this paragraph:
Please therefore be mindful of how you are dressed before coming to the Club, taking into consideration that the emphasis should be on ‘smart’ rather than ‘casual’. The staff, Committee members and Board members cannot solely police the dress code. It is essential therefore that all members also police the code themselves to ensure that no offence or embarrassment is caused to other members, thus removing any chance of dispute, because one or other may be dressed inappropriately.
Mutatis mutandis, that could be applied to the Church now that the hot weather is setting in. Here is a simplified guide from the Patriarchal Basilica of St Peter in the Vatican:

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