School Fête

Today was a highlight in the Blackfen social calendar: Our Lady of the Rosary School Fête. It is a great opportunity for people to meet up with old friends. As well as the children currently at the school and their parents, many former pupils and parents come along to meet up again. It is a kind of live "Friends Reunited" and much better than the online version. I was talking to one young man that I first knew when he was a child at the school and was rather pleasantly taken aback to hear that he is now in the second year of his Law degree.

The stalls seemed to be loosely organised into various topic-focussed areas. The industrial scale barbecue, candy-floss, cakes and teas were in the playground. For throwing things, there was the coconut shy and the crockery smash. Children wishing to look outlandish could get their hair sprayed bright colours or their face painted to look like spiderman, a tiger, or simply the St George's flag. There were several Tombolas: for teddies, bottles, and assorted prizes. There was even one exclusively for chocolate.

Games include fishing for ducks, hoopla and, for the more energetic, "beat the goalie" and sliding down a bouncy castle. I didn't do either of those but I did win a coconut at the shy and a can of diet coke at the hoopla so I went home a happy man.

Mulier Fortis has some more photos.

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