Ibam forte via sacra

Well, not quite. The bus I took from the Porta Cavalleggeri stopped at Ara Caeli so I couldn't resist taking a walk up the Capitoline Hill and looking at the remains there and the view over the Forum. It was not too far to walk down then to make a visit to Santa Maria in Cosmedin and San Giorgio in Velabro, the titular Church of the Blessed John Henry Newman. At Fiumicino Airport I found an internet terminal which I though I would try out. It is useless. You have to spend your first couple of minutes showing your passport to the webcam to satisy Italian security laws and then find that the "enter" key doesn't work. Hence this post will be one paragraph :-) Back to the Cento Storico, it was convenient to pop into the Church of the Twelve Apostles where I made a visit which is traditional for students of the Gregorian University - to say a little prayer of thanksgiving at the monument of Clement XIV. (To my Jesuit friends: only joking.) Also got to see the little Church where the body of Saint Gaspar of Bufalo is venerated. A plaque says that Pope John XXIII prayed to him for the success of the second Vatican Council. I'm wondering whether his prayer was answered. Nice photos later...

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