Lectures for free download

Every week I have an hour's journey round to Wonersh on Sunday night and an hour back on Monday. Quite often I have a journey of a similar length to Parkminster. Some time ago I realised that this time could be well used in listening to good talks that have been recorded. For a while, I had one of those radio transmitter mp3 thingies which don't work very well because an FM frequency that is free at Blackfen becomes busy at some stage along the M25. So I recently got Halfords to fit me a new but reasonably cheap car radio which has a phono socket and a USB socket, enabling me to plug in any mp3 player direct to the sound system. No more Radio 4 - bliss! It also has lots of very mod looking flashing and whirly blue lights and something called "Zap" (IIRC) which might even give me some street cred. Nice to hear Hamish Fraser and Michael Davies coming through that kit :-)

For some time, I have been downloading lectures from Keep the Faith. Their audio downloads are reasonably priced at $1.50 (and they kindly make them free for priests.) Fr Ray Blake has just given a heads-up to the Institute of Catholic Culture which has a large selection of lectures for free download (you can also donate some money to help them.) I'll be collecting some of those.

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