Liturgical abuse shocker

Sorry for the title and picture. In fact, it is not a picture of liturgical abuse in the Catholic Church (though it does look remarkably similar to some clips of the same on YouTube.) It depicts druids celebrating something at Stonehenge. I post this after reading Damian Thompson's good post about the
Utterly fawning coverage from the BBC of the pagan festival of Halloween or “Samhain”, including an interview with a chief pagan in a sheepskin. “We’ll be continuing with our coverage throughout the day, watching the celebration of the most important festival of the pagan year,” we’re promised.
Here is a bland BBC history note on the Roman campaign against the Druids:
The druids were the priest-scholars of ancient Britain, but 'druid' also tended to be a 'catch all' name used by the Romans for those who resisted their rule. In order to suppress the druids in the far west of Britain, Roman governor Gaius Suetonius Paulinus subdued the island of Mona (Anglesey), but he was forced to cut short the campaign to put down the revolt of the Iceni under Boudicca in south east Britain.
To be fair, further down the timeline, the BBC does acknowledge that the druids were "probably animists who practised human sacrifice." Britain Express does at least give the Romans some credit:
And to give the Romans their due, they seem to have been genuinely horrified by what they considered the grisly and uncivilized practices of the Druids.
Recent evidence tends to confirm the allegations of Julius Caesar and Pliny the Elder that the Druids practised human sacrifice and cannibalism - yes, so terribly uncivilised.

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