1965 texts and 2010 texts for the Mass

Lux Occulta has uploaded a scan of the texts of the people's parts of the Mass which were approved for use in Ireland from the first Sunday of Lent 1965. (http://lxoa.files.wordpress.com/2011/03/missal.pdf) I remember when this text (or at least something very similar) was introduced in England but I think it was in 1964 over here. At our brand new Church in Addiscombe, we were given a neat little beige leaflet. I was only 6 at the time and it was all very exciting but I think I wondered even then where all the prayers at the beginning of Mass had gone. Many people would consider the translation of the 1960s to be superior to the one we are soon to introduce. Be that as it may, it would certainly have saved a lot of time and work.

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has a Roman Missal section which has the Ordinary ("Order of Mass") and the proper texts for Advent and Christmas for the new (corrected) translation of the Missal. (Look under the "Sample texts" tab.) The annotated version of the Order of Mass has footnotes with scriptural references related to various parts of the text.

If you want the rest of the new (corrected) texts that have been approved, there are four pdfs posted on Wikispooks. You can't download them directly by right clicking on the link and choosing the "save link as" option - that gets you a corrupt file. Just left-click the link to open it. The right-click on the body of the page and you can "save as."

The pdfs are digital text rather than being page images and so you can select and copy chunks of text. If you have Acrobat (or something like the much cheaper NitroPDF which I use) then you can convert the pdfs to a Word document. (If you are ever faced with a pdf with a watermark, just convert the pdf to an rtf file and then you lose the watermark but keep the formatting. You can then convert the rtf file to a Word file if you want.)

The Wikispooks pdfs have some odd codes here and there, and are in plain black text, including the rubrics. The texts from the USCCB are cleaner and have red text for the rubrics so you can more easily distinguish between what you have to say and what you have to do ;-)

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