FSSP house canonically established in Amsterdam

The FSSP has been given permission by the Bishop for the canonical establishment of a new house in Amsterdam.

The blog Vox in Rama audita est has the happy news. Author Cazienza Puellae happened to be in the St Agneskerk (Church of St Agnes) and picked up a copy of the newsletter in which Fr Knudsen FSSP, administrator of the parish, announced that on 3 March 2011, in accordance with Canon Law and with the permission of the Bishop of Haarlem-Amsterdam, a religious house was now established in Amsterdam for the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter. The house, which will be named after St. Boniface, will be recognised as a 'convent' ('Klooster') by the diocese. The house falls under the jurisdiction of the Superior General of the FSSP.

In my youth, the Netherlands were known as the epicentre of post-conciliar modernism. A joke used to be told as follows: in Holland before the Council nothing changed except the bread and wine at Mass; after the Council everything changed except the bread and wine at Mass. It must have been a heartbreaking time for faithful Dutch Catholics. Having seen for myself the new life of the Church in some of the young people there, I am delighted to hear of this development whereby the FSSP have a stable and permanent home in Amsterdam to assist in the ever-growing revival of the Church of the Netherlands.

Here is a video of High Mass at the Agneskerk:

If you are visiting the Netherlands, the St Agneskerk is at Amstelveenseweg 163, near the Haarlemmermeerstation. It can be reached by a 10 minute tram ride from the Central Railway station (tram 16).

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