Norma Jean Coon excommunication lifted

The lifting of an excommunication is good news to anyone who believes in the importance of the sacraments and therefore can understand what a great joy it is for someone to come to Holy Communion again in good standing with the Church.

Norma Jean Coon was excommunicated for being the subject of an attempted ordination as a Deacon in 2007. She has now had her excommunication lifted after renouncing the alleged ordination, confessing to the truth of the Apostolic Letter Ordinatio Sacerdotalis, accepting the authority of the Holy Father, and recognising that Christ instituted the sacrament of Holy Orders only for men. At her website you can read the statement of renunciation.

Since renouncing the attempted ordination, Norma Jean has started attending the FSSP parish in San Diego. She attends the traditional Mass and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament daily. Laus Deo semper and God bless you, Norma Jean. Though we in England are separated by an ocean, we are still part of the one Catholic Church and can presume, in the mystical body of Christ, as fellow-sinners, to say "Great to have you back!"

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