There'll be a big party when we land

H/T Creative Minority Report

I did enjoy this video of the the people of Papua New Guinea welcoming cases of bibles being delivered to them from Trinity Church, Redlands, CA. The first pack of bibles was received by the elders and then a lady said that the younger people should receive the bibles to pass on God's word to the next generation. The American lady who gives some of the narrative for the video points out that we have taken the word of God for granted but these people welcome it as something great.

Of course we could say that we also need the Fathers and the magisterium to know truly the message of the word of God in the bible but I think that should not obscure our joy in seeing people accept the word with such sincere and enthusiastic delight. It reminded me of the rejoicing of the people when they returned to Jerusalem after the exile: "For all the people wept when they heard the words of the law." (Neh 8.9)

My thoughts turned to the forthcoming reception of the new (corrected) translation of the Roman Missal. I wonder how we might celebrate this occasion. Perhaps a display of Morris Men might be the appropriate thing in England.

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