Come in to the temple of God

Schellhorn baptism 007

Ingredere in templum Dei "Come into the temple of God" are the words addressed to a baby who is about to be baptised.

We have had a series of "Bank Holidays" in England recently and today was another; therefore I found myself unusually free to attend the baptism of the first-born of Matthew and Benna Schellhorn. Ferdinand Joseph was baptised at St Bede's, Clapham Park, by Fr Andrew Southwell. Matthew is a renowned pianist - I wrote about him last August.

Dr Joseph Shaw and his wife, Lucy, were the Godparents

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After the Baptism there was first the blessing for a mother who has given birth. Sometimes this is ignorantly decried as though it implied that childbirth was somehow "impure" (which would be a manichaean error.) In fact, the blessing is a beautiful prayer of thanksgiving for the birth of a child. Today we were blessed with a schola to sing the 23rd psalm.

Schellhorn baptism 023

We weren't quite finished: Matthew and Benna placed Ferdinand on the Lady Altar and said together the Act of Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Schellhorn baptism 025

Afterwards we went downstairs to the parish hall for some tea. There were lots of children in attendance; here is a picture of two very well behaved children who did not touch the (very tempting) cakes until Fr Southwell had said grace:

Schellhorn baptism 041

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