Universae Ecclesiae - I'm in the wrong place at the wrong time

You might think that being in the Vatican at the moment, I am superbly placed for an early copy or Universae Ecclesiae, the Instruction on Summorum Pontificum which is to be published tomorrow. In fact, relying on borrowed computers and the pace of life at the heart of the Church, I will probably lag behind every other blogger in the world.

Fr Zuhlsdorf has described the document as a "No Hitter" which sounds negative to those who are not familiar with baseball. I find via Wikipedia that in fact a no-hitter is a very good thing. Using a dynamic equivalence approach to translation, I suppose I would have to say it was something like "middle stump" or "back of the net."

Off now to dinner in the Centro Storico with some people. If I were to identify them on the blog they would have to shoot me. I am trying not to eat too much. I had a relatively frugal lunch in the Borgo Pio today with David Kerr of CNA who wrote an excellent article the other day about the Bishop of Toowoomba's removal from office, which Fr Z has commented on. David recorded some words from me so I might even be quoted on CNA myself tomorrow!

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