The other Rome blognic

Michael Voris addressing Catholic bloggers gathered at the Scholars' Lounge in Rome. I haven't watched it yet - I'm saving it for when I've finished blogging this evening.

Hilary White has a post up about the alternative Rome blognic which, in the end, became the perfectly-acceptable-to-the-Vatican "we know about it and we're not at all worried, in fact we hope it goes well" blognic. This week has been quite a landmark for Catholic blogging, I think. Very positive all round.

Do go over and read Hilary's piece We had a great time. I especially liked the close:
And sorry also to those who came hoping for polemics and maybe a foodfight. Stuart Reid said he had come expecting a lot of shouting and was surprised at how measured and intelligent all the discussion was.

We'll try to be less charitable next time.

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