The heavy cross of infertility

Jennifer Fulwiler writes for the National Catholic Register (for people in the UK, that's the good one.) Earlier this week, she had a good piece On Being Catholic and Infertile | Blogs | I think this article might be encouraging and supportive for Catholic couples who would love to have children but struggle with the heavy cross of infertility.

We should also remember in our prayers those who have had some children but can have no more because of a bad miscarriage or some damage in a previous pregnancy. Jennifer speaks of the temptation to envy when couples are rejoicing in the birth of a new child. There is also something rather bitter in observing a couple who were contracepting and did not want a child, worrying about a "problem pregnancy."

Among those that I know, I have seen two very positive responses to infertility. One is to adopt children: this can be a gruelling process in politically correct England. Another is for husband and wife to support each other in various apostolates that are possible because of the freedom from parental responsibility that is accepted in the spirit of sacrifice.

I do take the point that infertile couples sometimes experience a lack of support at parish and diocesan levels. Those of us who preach about and promote the apostolate of the family do need to bear in mind the suffering of those who cannot have children. We also need to publicise the excellent work of NaPro and other agencies who work to help couples using natural methods of maximising fertility. I am glad for the opportunity to mention this again here: London Centre for NaPro Technology. If you have any other helpful links, please put them in the combox. (Preferably using these instructions.)

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