The mosque - not the best alternative to the new ICEL

Fr Michael Brown at Forest Murmurs has written an amusing riposte to a letter in Northern Cross, the newspaper for the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle. In the letter, Mr Loughran said regarding the new ICEL translation:
I promise that I will approach it with all goodwill but I have to say this: if the word CONSUBSTANTIAL is there, I'm off to the mosque.
As Fr Brown rightly points out:
Well the bad news for Mr Loughran as I'm sure he has by now discovered is that the word consubstantial is indeed part of the new translation. However here is more bad news. If he goes to the mosque he may find he has a few more problems than trying to wrestle with consubstantial. I wonder how his Arabic is?
After giving a brief account of his own studies in Arabic at St Andrews, Fr Brown concludes:
I still have my text books so if Mr Loughran is determined that he can't cope with consubstantial I am willing to lend them to him so he can enjoy full and active participation on his Fridays at the mosque.
(By the way - you simply must see the website for the Northern Cross. Check the source code - there is not an ounce of html content - just one great big flash animation. Click the links and enjoy the bouncing effects, the tickertape, and most of all the repeating jazz trumpet background music. The business model is fun too - you can get the print edition sent to you by post for £20 per year, or pay £25 instead for online access.)

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