"Madame Sterilisation" visits Marie Stopes

This evening there will be the first showing of the Marie Stopes advertisement for abortion on TV. less publicised was the visit last week to the London headquarters of Marie Stopes International by "Madame Sterilisation", Ms. Li Bin. There is a report of the visit at Tibet Truth which comments:
No doubt the Minister of China’s National Population and Family Planning Commission was warmly received by the multi-lateral population agency, which works inside communist China, yet would appear oblivious to the horrifying women’s human rights violations caused by China’s coercive birth-control policies. Like its ‘sister’ organizations the United Nations Fund for Population and the International Planned Parenthood Federation, MSE though acutely aware of China’s program of forced sterilizations and forced abortions, which have traumatized countless women in China and occupied regions such as Tibet and East Turkestan, seems unable to offer a word of public condemnation, concern or opposition to such medical atrocties.
Tibet Truth has also published a paper on coercive population control in China.

H/T Dolphinarium

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