Ombrellino appeal

The Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate at Lanhearne are in need of an ombrellino (ceremonial umbrella) for when the Blessed Sacrament is transferred from one place to another. Since they do live a very frugal life, the cost of such an item would be prohibitive for them.

Three possibilities, I think:

  1. If you have a spare ombrellino in your sacristy that is unused, it would find a good home and you would benefit from the prayers of the good sisters.
  2. If you have some spare money, you could buy them one
  3. If you follow sources of second-hand liturgical items (I know that some readers do enthusiastically!) then you could notify them if one comes up at a reasonable cost

Please leave a comment here or email me if you have definitely provided one so that I can update the post to say "problem solved" (now done) - but contact the sisters or their chaplain directly to arrange things:

Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate,
House of Contemplation of the Blessed Virgin of Mt. Carmel
St. Mawgan in Pydar

Chaplain: Fr George Roth FI 01637 860205 email:

UPDATE: Within a couple of hours, a parish priest has contacted me to say that he has a spare and will be donating it to the Sisters. Many thanks for all other offers subsequently.

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