Election - some pro-life highlights

Earlier, I reported the good news that Evan Harris, the pro-abortion and pro-euthanasia campaigner, had lost his seat at Oxford West and Abingdon. The news gets even better. The seat was won by Nicola Blackwood who is a member of the Conservative Christian Fellowship.

On Nicola's Facebook page, Mark Rayner posted this excellent comment:
Nicola, it was good to meet you at hustings yesterday. I just want to emphasize that my vote is absolutely not an endorsement of David Cameron, but specifically of you. I trust you to uphold the pro-life, pro faith school, and socially caring economic views you expressed yesterday, some of which are in stark contrast with previous Tory policy. Good luck - I hope I can count on you to put principle before partisanship.
Given the possible re-structuring of our political life and the disillusionment of many voters for politics based on party allegiance, we need to encourage newly elected MPs who have stood up for pro-life and pro-family values.

Another result of pro-life interest is that David Burrowes has been returned as MP for Enfield Southgate with a 5.7% increase in his share of the vote. Earlier this year, he presented the Robin McNair prize for an essay competition organised by SPUC. At the ceremony, David explained that it had been his involvement with SPUC as a student pro-life activist that had inspired him to enter politics.

Just as I am writing this post, John Smeaton has put up his own very helpful analysis: There are plenty of chances and dangers in the new parliament.

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