Keeping in touch with life in modern Britain

Laurence England has a post St George and the Dragon which just made something click inside. Along with many others, I have been sporadically glued to live updates of the discussions going on in various offices in central London to try and put together a Government for Britain. In the meantime, George is doing a gravelly-voiced cover of "Sweet Caroline" with Laurence playing the guitar with a fag hanging out of the corner of his mouth and a hat on. This is a pilot of a possible online busking initiative for George to get a new mattress and and dental implants. For the love of God!

As I say, reading this, something clicked. I've bashed out a comment to promise send the funds for the mattress by any means convenient. I don't know how much the dental implants are, but I'm sure we can sub that between us. They may put up a paypal button or let us know some other online service. Or we can just send tenners in the post. Not recommended, I know, but if the chap can play the guitar and keep a smoke on the go, maybe we don't need to go down the road of risk assessment on this one.

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