Powerful DVD on Confession

Quite a while ago, St Anthony Communications sent me a copy of their new DVD on Confession (in which I have a brief cameo role.) Sorry to be so long in giving notice of it.

The DVD is quite hard-hitting at the beginning, not compromising on the nature of sin. Then it moves to explain the mercy of God and the provision which He made for His Church to minister the forgiveness of sins. Fr Nicholas Schofield, Fr Marcus Holden, Fr Andrew Pinsent and Fr Thomas Crean OP offer some very good insights into the sacrament of Penance. Fr Jeremy Davies an experienced exorcist, also speaks from the heart with great effect.

The DVD is 20 minutes long, which makes it a good element of an evening of recollection or a part of sacramental preparation. It is available for £9.95 from St Anthony Communications where you can see a short preview.

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