Chen Guangcheng's pro-life appeal to Apple

Chen Guangcheng is a name familiar to regular readers of this blog since 2006. Usually described in the secular media as a human rights activist, his activism has been particularly focussed on forced abortion and sterilisation as a result of China's one child policy.

After dramatically taking refuge in the US embassy earlier this year, Chen was offered a fellowship to study at New York University. From the US he is now appealing to Apple to exercise social responsibility, as LifeSite News reports. Chen and others want to meet with Apple CEO Tim Cook to ask him to prohibit access to factories for government family-planning officials and to refuse to report women who are pregnant without birth permits.

With the condescending proposal of Melinda Gates to flood Africa with condoms still causing reaction this would be a good opportunity for Apple to show how large corporations could do some good in the realm of social justice.

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