New Catholic secondary school in Cornwall responds to prejudice

Catholics in Cornwall have responded with imagination to the Government's new provision for "Free Schools", that is, schools which are fully-funded by the Government but not under Local Authority Control. St Michael's in Camborne has just opened, with a capacity of 300, making it a small secondary school capable of maintaining small class sizes and giving close attention to children. 

Naturally, various branches of the anti-Catholic brigade have taken a dislike to the idea. Some activists in one of the teaching unions have got upset, the Humanists are obviously foaming at the mouth, and the militant gay lobby were given a bit of a gift by some intemperate remarks by a grandparent at a recent meeting. Hence there was a protest today outside the school at which a whole twelve people turned up.

It all stinks of a stitch-up, using any excuse to have a go at a new school which aims to be family friendly; they accuse the school of prejudice but it seems to me that the main prejudice here is anti-Catholicism. The Headteacher and Governors have sensibly responded to this whipped-up storm in a teacup.  Here is a link to the video of a fair-minded report on ITV Cornwall.

All this must be a trial to the Headteacher and staff as they get a new school off the ground. The local parish priest, Fr Chris Findlay-Wilson has consecrated the school to Our Blessed Lady. Do join him with your prayers for the staff, and for the children who will undoubtedly benefit from this excellent initiative.

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