May he indeed be a humble and holy, orthodox, creative and courageous Bishop

Episcopal Ordination of Right Reverend Philip Egan Eighth Bishop of Portsmouth
Photo: © Mazur/

The buzz after Bishop Egan's ordination seems to be continuing around the blogosphere with everyone posting links to his outstanding address. The "quotation" I posted the other day was truncated a bit. Here is the full text of Bishop Egan's final sentence:
Please pray for me to the Lord Jesus, whose Heart yearns for us in the Blessed Sacrament, that I might be a humble and holy, orthodox, creative and courageous, Bishop of Portsmouth, one fashioned after the Lord's own.
I understand that at Bishop Egan's request, there was an hour of adoration concluding with Benediction for the famiglia at Archbishop's House the evening before the ceremony. The bunfight after the ceremony itself was cut short by the celebration of sung Vespers in the Cathedral after which Bishop Egan consecrated himself and his diocese to the Sacred Heart. Please join your prayers to Bishop Egan's.

You can read the full address, via the Portsmouth Diocesan website as either a pdf or a doc

There are lots of good photos now online at the Mazur photostream.

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