Eccles esplanes 'isself

The other day I linked to the funny blog Eccles and Bosco is saved. I had a troubled email about it from a priest who had followed a link on the sidebar, and several others were a bit iffy. During the blognic at the Coal Hole last night, after saying goodbye to a friendly journalist from the Economist who wanted to talk to myself and Fr Z about the growing popularity of the usus antiquior, I suggested that Dillydaydream, the highly proficient commenter and internet sleuth, would be able to shed light on the matter of Eccles and Bosco if we could contact her some time.

Shortly afterwards, she walked into the pub, generously shared a bottle of red wine (for those not drinking Brains) and explained everything. You can never predict what is going to happen at a Catholic blognic.

Now we have an authoritative account from Eccles himself: New readers start here. It is a very helpful explanation but does lead me to worry that people who already find English satire difficult to follow will start self-harming.

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