New movements John Paul II, new media Benedict XVI: discuss.

Here is a link to the talk that I gave this morning at the conference of the Catholic Theological Association of Great Britain here in Durham: New Movements and New Media.

I am probably going to regret making the generalisation which I used to try to give some structure to the talk since it can be shot down easily. We had half an hour for questions and discussion which proved challenging and thought-provoking. Putting it tactfully without using labels, CTA members are drawn from a wide range of theological viewpoints so there was some disagreement about some of the major points of the talk.

Since some questions were raised that deserve a more considered answer, I have made some notes so that they can be raised here in due course.

The programme includes an optional tour to "Bede's World" which I declined in favour of having a look around Durham. It was therefore disappointing that it started drizzling, raining and drizzling again shortly before lunch. Looking out of my window at St Chad's College, I see that the sun is fighting back so I am off to the Cathedral and the Castle to see whether I can get some good photographs.

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