Response to my paper and photos of Durham

Durham 003

Joe at Catholic Commentary has kindly posted a considered response to my paper on New Movements and New Media. Joe has a comprehensive and sympathetic knowledge of new movements and his comments are well worth reading.

My half-hearted assertion that the Catholic blogosphere was a special case of new movement is certainly open to criticism. However I'm not sure that the Catholic blogosphere could be described as a "party" in Newman's sense either. While it is true that many Catholic blogs do assume that the Extraordinary Form is "the only show in town" there are plenty which do not. The rich variety of Catholic blogging defies either my attempt to shoehorn it into the category of new movement or the description of it as a party.

I have now uploaded some photos of Durham to flickr. Here are some I was pleased with:

Durham 004
Durham Castle entrance

Durham 051
 Tomb of St Bede

Durham 036
 The Cathedral from Prebends' Bridge

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