Great update from Via Romea

The cyclists have posted more news today; they have finally found an internet café after getting blank looks from people, so kudos to Dampierre-sur-Salon. They will be in Besançon this evening, enjoying a campsite with running water before heading into the Alps tomorrow.

Yesterday they had experience of the life of the Church in France:
Day 7
Sunday. Left early to try and find a church. Thought we'd head for the nearest big city, Chaumont. It had a basilica and 2 churches, can't go wrong we thought... but no, no Mass all Sunday, so we cycled over to the next village to a new age shed church for Mass. The basilica round the corner was much better designed for the French summer... meltdown.
Go over to the Via Romea blog for the full update and for some pictures. The one above is from Day 5 (Friday) when they cycled into Rheims in the morning. It looks for all the world as though they are going to cycle up the nave of Rheims Cathedral.

Don't forget to make your donation (Mary's Meals & Cardinal Winning Pro-Life Initiative) at the Fundraising page.

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