Corrected translation dates for England and Wales

The new (corrected) translation of "The Order of Mass" will be used in English and Welsh parishes from September, the Bishops have announced today. Not the URL for that link: which is very encouraging. There is also a DVD called Become One Body One Spirit In Christ available to order.

Just to clarify for you: what we are talking about for September is the "Ordo Missae", is often referred to as the "Ordinary" of the Mass. This is the part that is the same for all Masses, including the responses of the people. The "Propers", the parts that change for the seasons of the year and feasts of the Saints, will come in with the publication of the full text of the Missal. It is hoped that this will be in time for Advent.

I agree with Fr Z's closing comment in his post about this news that we need some intense catechesis primarily because we need catechesis and not just because we are getting a new translation. If people really have difficulty reading a new translation of the Gloria, they need some English lessons, not catechesis; but we have failed for some time to give adequate catechesis on the Mass. The introduction of the new and corrected translation is certainly a good opportunity.

The CTS website shows A first glimpse of the new Roman Missal with the above photo of a dummy version without any printing or gold blocking on the cover. This paragraph warmed my heart:
Beauty and Practicality
CTS is working with highly-skilled printers and binders in Italy to ensure a high quality of craftsmanship in the finished volume. The choice of paper, binding, marker ribbons and leather page tabs has been made to ensure ease of use and durability over many years.

For the interior, colour illustrations have been sourced from medieval illustrated manuscripts, and decorative elements from skilled contemporary artists and from volumes in the British Library.

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