Transcript of Fr Newton's interview

Father (as he prefers to be called) Keith Newton gave a competent and balanced account of the Ordinariate before the press, despite the many uncertainties about the details of how things would work out.

The Anglo-Catholic has helpfully posted a transcript of Fr Keith Newton's press conference last week. If you prefer to listen to it, the CBCEW website has recordings. The transcript is in two parts:

The Ordinary in Plain Text
The Ordinary in Plain Text: Part II

Here are a few quotations on points that I thought significant. For the context you have to read the whole text of listen to the audio but I hope that I haven't misrepresented anything:

The Ordinariate has been given an office in Eccleston Square for the time being
The authorities at the Anglican shrine at Walsingham want to explore ways in which members of the Ordinariate can continue to worship there.
The CDF are fairly keen that there should be one liturgy for the Ordinariates wherever they are, not lots of different ones.
Estimating numbers
I’d guess it will be about two dozen groups. Mostly around the South of England in the province of Canterbury; some in the North but not many. And about probably between fifty and sixty priests.
Places of worship
Obviously there will be places where it will be easiest to worship in Catholic premises. There may be possibilities where there are some Catholic premises which are underused. There may be places where there will be a sharing agreement. There was never any idea that the Ordinariate would take buildings. That was just the Press. One or two bishops have said to me warm things about sharing. It obviously depends on the numbers going from that congregation. We don’t want any rancour or bad feeling.
Not inward-looking
I hope this is going to be an evangelistic tool. I think it's part of the Pope’s vision for the evangelisation of Europe; it’s just a very small part. I hope the Ordinariate is not going to live for itself, and look beyond its borders to be evangelistic.
Patrimony not just in liturgy
I suppose it will be a very English form of Catholicism. It might have a particular way of getting into the communities that perhaps Catholic priests have not had.
Advice for those thinking of taking the step
Be courageous, trust in the Lord.
My impression from reading the transcript is that Fr Newton is facing a gargantuan task in getting the Ordinariate up and running but that he is just the man to do it, with the help of Fr Burnham and Fr Broadhurst and the initial group of priests and religious.

Meanwhile, an Ordinariate is set to be established in Australia by Pentecost this year, and will include Japan. See The Record.

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