Vigil of Prayer at Maidstone

There was a fair bit of "offering up" yesterday at Maidstone. I joined the "Helpers of God's Precious Infants" group who hold a regular prayer vigil at the Marie Stopes Clinic which is just around the corner from the Church. The temperature was one degree above freezing. In some parts North America I know that you are used to 25 degrees below, so that a degree above freezing probably means getting out the sunbeds and mixing a Pina Colada. Here in South East England it is what we call "a bit chilly."

As you can see, the group is quite small. If you email you can get onto an email list to find out when forthcoming vigils will be, both in Maidstone and elsewhere. Generally the format is to attend Mass in the local Church and then spend an hour or so saying the Divine Mercy chaplet, fifteen decades of the Rosary and a some other appropriate prayers. Such an exercise has many spiritual benefits as well as the prayerful witness that is offered. Occasionally women will change their minds but many passers-by take interest and can get pro-life information. And you get lots of grace - especially if it is a bit chilly.

The HGPI groups especially like to have a priest for each vigil. If there are any priests within reach of Maidstone who would like to lead the prayers occasionally, do email me and I can put you in touch with the organiser.

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