Resource: "What Catholics Really Believe"

Nineveh's Crossing aims to present the Catholic faith in an easily digestible manner, using various media. A recent product is "What Catholics Really Believe: Dispelling the Misunderstandings of Historic Christianity." This is a transcript of a two DVD set in which Dr Ray Guarendi and Fr Kevin Fete engage in a series of dialogues on the basics of the Catholic faith.

Much of the content is relevant to apologetic discussions that Catholics are likely to find themselves facing with evangelical protestants. The book (and DVDs) are suitable for intelligent teenagers and young adults, and would help them to grow in confidence when speaking about their faith. Much of the argumentation is based on the scriptures and their correct interpretation in line with the Fathers of the Church.

Sadly, these positive features mean that the book would be of less use for its primary purpose here in England. Young people over here are more likely to be challenged by atheistic, relativist and secularist arguments than by bible-bashing Protestants although the ones who do get engaged in such debates would find this book a great help. In any case the book would help them to know their faith better.

Here is the statement on the Mission page of Nineveh's Crossing:

In all of our business practices and products we strive to:

  • Conform to the Magisterial Teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.
  • Favor content that educates and promotes critical thinking.
  • Use entertainment to break down barriers.
  • Celebrate humanity.
  • Build up society.
  • Vanquish fear.
  • Bestow hope.

Nineveh's Crossing is an ambitious and hope-filled apostolate. Take a look at their various other products, including materials on parenthood.

"What Catholics Really Believe: Dispelling the Misunderstandings of Historic Christianity," by Fr. Kevin Fete and Ray Guarendi (Nineveh's Crossing, 2010). $24.95. Available at

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