Those pesky laity and their rebelliousness

A comment from Suburbanbanshee received today, deserves greater prominence than being hidden away on my post of 28 June: A rogue instruction in the new people’s cards for Mass
Re: standing and processing to show respect

What you do is, you get two big flagpoles and put big flags with Catholic emblems on them, like the Five Wounds or the Sacred Heart or Mary or your name saint. And when it's time for Communion, you walk down the aisle waving your flags in the air. And then when you receive Communion, you use the poles to prop you as you kneel and get up again. They also make it clear that you can't possibly receive Communion in the hand, because obviously your hands are full.

Yeah, it's probably a good thing I'm not a liturgist. I would be really obnoxious. :)
Now I'm not encouraging this in any way and the following graphic of the five wounds which might be suitable for a banner is posted purely for academic purposes.

Is this after all not an example of the laity making use of the freedom of Vatican II as the late and much lamented Michael Davies used to say?

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