Good Counsel Network wish list

The Good Counsel Network gives counselling to women who are considering an abortion. They have a very high success rate in persuading women that there are practical alternatives: they also make those alternatives a reality by giving charitable help and support to mothers and their babies. This means that they do need maternity and baby goods - see: Urgent; Clothe the naked, Mothers and Babies Needing Clothes and Baby Things.

At my suggestion, the Good Counsel Network have set up an Amazon wish list that you can use. If you want to use some other means of sending things, the delivery address is: 15 Maple Grove, Kingsbury, London, NW9 8RD. The list has things at very low cost and others with a higher cost so you can match your gift to your means.

This is not a substitute for actually going out and doing some corporal works of mercy directly; but it would be a shame not to clock up one or two such works from the comfort of your desk!

Another opportunity to support the Good Counsel Network is offered by David Aron who is doing a solo long distance walk to raise funds. He is walking the Thames Path Way (184 miles) in eight days (Fri 07 Oct 11 - Fri 14 Oct 11), carrying all his own kit and provisions. Here is the link for donations.

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