Parish Feast Day coming up

Friday 7 October is the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary and therefore the patronal feast of my parish. We'll be having High Mass at 8pm (as well as English Mass in the morning and school Mass in the afternoon.)

Cantores Missae will be singing the following:

  • Mass setting: Victoria: Missa Simile est Regnum
  • Motets: Guerrero: Sancta Maria — Byrd: Ave Verum — Schubert: Salve Regina

Do come along if you can. This year, I thought that I would try a new angle by encouraging people to bring non-Catholic friends to the Mass to hear beautiful music sung for the purpose for which it was composed (the worship of God) and in the setting for which it was composed (High Mass.)

You can gain a plenary indulgence (under the usual conditions) even for just visiting the Church on 7 October and reciting the Pater and Credo. This applies to any parish Church on its titular solemnity.

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